InApp Picture Feature

I would real like a feature that would allow us to open the camera directly from the nextcloud app, take 1 or more pictures and by clicking ok upload those pictures to my nextcloud.

I know that you can upload existing pictures from your Phone thru the app or via the share funktion in the PhotoApp. But many of my older colleagues find this way complicated.

I know it is not exactly what you are looking for, but the latest version of the app has an auto upload feature.

Once set up, all photographs taken are uploaded and can be sorted later on the computer.

Might be a useful work around.

I know this feature. The problem is that we use nextcloud for our business and therefore I only want to upload selected photos that are interesting for the Company. Activating the autoupload feature would upload my private photos aswell and I realy dont need that :smiley: And my colleagues neither :smiley:

Please create a feature request :slight_smile: