In Control of Your Data, even on your Wedding Day

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From enterprises and governments to freelancers and home users, everybody uses Nextcloud for countless purposes. We regularly like to share professional case studies with our customers, but this time we’ll talk about a creative, private use case at a, you heard it right, wedding!

Did you ever even think of using Nextcloud to exchange wedding or event photos at you or a friend’s wedding or event? Apparently, many Nextcloud fans have, and they did!

No ugly wedding pictures allowed!

A couple installed Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi and gave guests access to Wifi so they could upload the photos that they took during the wedding. The intent was to get a ton of awesome wedding photos, while at the same time take advantage of the opportunity to disconnect everybody from the internet, stopping any bothering interruptions during the whole ceremony.

Rumor has it that they even stopped uncle from posting awkward, badly taken pictures on social media before they reviewed everything!

In control of their data even on their wedding day, yay!

You could do a lot more!

This is just one unique story of many in which our private users used Nextcloud. There are really endless apps and possibilities, however, in the case of our wedding story, you could even:

  • Use Nextcloud Calendar to send invitations via email (e-vites) and confirm your guest list
  • Use Nextcloud Forms to inquire about guest allergies and food preferences for the menu
  • Share photos taken by the professional photographer during the wedding
  • Organize a small wedding affair by using Nextcloud Deck

This is merely just to show the scope of what you can do, and we are aware of more cool use cases, so stay tuned!

What is your most creative use of Nextcloud?

We’d love to hear about the cool stuff you’re doing or have done with your Nextcloud! Share your brilliance and inspire other people. Top picks will get featured on our blog!

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Honestly, what is the purpose of this WTF topic… And do you really thing NC is able to “stopped uncle from posting awkward, badly taken pictures on social media”…

This kind of post deserve the seriousness of NC…

Please, keep your internes away from social media…

Disagree, I think this is an interesting use case – easily generalisable to all sorts of one-off events – that is worth suggesting to consumers and worth thinking about supporting better as a community.

Are you just kidding…

Uncle just post a awkward picture of the wedding, because the original was on his personal device!!!

So, yes, the happy couple “stopped” the file copied-synch to their NC, but uncle was so happy to post it on tik-face-whatever he is using, because he simply could do it !!!

So, the studied case has a big flaw… unless you (happy couple) manage every device synch and deleting peoples data (uncle data) … witch will be a total breach of trust if the NC synch app is manage this way…

Managing our data is not digging on others people device in order to delete/manage other people data’s…

The point of this story is it is about normal human beings, not technology fanatics. If a normal human being wants to “[stop] uncle from posting awkward, badly taken pictures on social media before they reviewed everything” they do it by talking to him, not by implementing network filters or file-sync deletion. (disclaimer: I am not a normal human being, but I have met some).

The problem for normal human beings is that the normal way they see each other’s photos is that the photos are posted to social media immediately, and then they can look at them. Using the described setup enables local sharing of the photos before they hit instagram or whatever. Anything beyond that is up to the people involved.

No, the point of this is reclaiming control of your personal data using nextcloud…

Not some usercase-wedding by some marketing-interne making people believe NC will gave them control over all data and forbid social media posting…

It is a deception usercase deserving the seriousness of NC

How dare they try to tell people in a humourous way that their product can be used for other things than just serious work.

Don’t you think you might be overreacting a liitle bit?

Read that sentence again: (I added a wink emoji just for you)

Rumor has it they even stopped the uncle from posting embarrassing, poorly done pictures on social media before they checked everything out! :wink:


I am a grumpy poster… standing about the seriousness of data protection after having to deal with ransomware in a professional matters.

Just in case you forget some of us are now cyberwar target .

Yes you are grumpy. You got hangup on one small detail (the uncle) in the posting. So loosen up. But I agree about speculative title and example.

I have used NC for a similar aim. We had a large family gathering. I shared a link to a folder for all to upload and share their pictures. Very handy.