In administration options the ".ocdata"-check will cause IP ban

Nextcloud version: 13.0.5
PHP version: 7.2.7

Hello together… my Webhoster got me to ask nextcloud for this error, because they say its all alright with the webspace config.

If I go in nextcloud in the config settings after a view clicks the webside is not responding anymore, the IP I’m actual using is been blocked.
In error log of webside it shows an error in atempting to access the “…/.ocdata” file.
So after six tries the IP will be blocked for half an hour.

I’m able to prevent this if I grant access to “…/.ocdata” file in htaccess of the data folder. But if I grant this access the nexcloud says my data-folder is vulnerable.

It should be no big issue with this warning, but it would be very nice to get a (maybe) switchable solution in nextcloud itself to prevent this checking and so IP blocking?
Or have anyone a even better solution? (I only have access to make some additional entries for Appache-Config and for php.ini).

Thanks and kind regards!