Improve Synchronization of big and shared folders

Hello, I’m new to NextCloud and I’m using it to access my personal NAS and the connection to that is thru a WebDAV connection.

My WebDAV share has about 150k files in lot’s of folders and of course, the desktop client tries to sync every time I turn on the computer.

Is there a way, or could be implemeted, to sync the content of individual folders on request or when we navigate to that folder in explorer?

To avoid this long time and resources consuming sync, I can add the WebDAV location to the ignored file list but then there’s no point on using NextCloud…

Thank you!


Yes. Use the Virtual Files feature[1].

[1] Appendix B: History and Architecture — Nextcloud Client Manual 3.11.0 documentation

After the initial sync, the successing syncs should be significantly faster (For me in the range of mere seconds).

Depending on your use case, there might be things to consider:

  1. Do you need all files? If not, you could disable these in the sync folder settings and save bandwidth and storage on the client.
  2. If you are on windows, I think (cannot test due to linux user) that you can create virtual folders that are synced on demand.