Impossible to switch from CRON to AJAX


Hi …
my NC13 is not used every day, sometimes once in a week, so I have tried to switch from CRON (it is asking for password) to AJAX but every couple of minutes it is switching back to CRON.

So there are not so much changes and every 15 minutes is only stress for my ssd and hdds, because they are in sleep mode.

I have no idea where to search or how to fix …

If it’s not used every day, wouldn’t it make more sense if it was using cron?

You need to disable the cron job; I’m not sure how you’ve set Nextcloud up, but the cron job is running, and over-writing the AJAX setting automatically.

If you’ve set Nextcloud up manually, you can look here and disable cron jobs for the web server user (www-data on Ubuntu).