Impossible to install NEXTCLOUD

Hi everybody.
I have a synology DS214+. First I succeed to install and use Nextcloud.
the last week I lost connection (nextcloud icon become grey and was unreachable)
I decided to reinstall. Since one week now I try to re install nextcloud without sucess.

I have install on my synology

  • apache 2.4
  • mariaDB 10
  • phpadmin.

and I run mariaDB10, given a for the user “root”, a password.
I log on phpAdmin with my firefox as root with the root password. I succed.

when I tried to install nextcloud with http://192.168.x.x/nextcloud
after enter admin, password, and set MySql/MariaDB with root and password
I received the message in french
“Nom d’utilisateur et/ou mot de passe de la base MySQL non valide(s) Vous devez indiquer les détails d’un compte existant.”, means user for mysql non valid.
I am completly lost.
thanks for your help

Check your config.php file. There should be the credentials for the database, like:
dbtype, dbname, dbuser, dbpassword, dbhost.
dbtype should be ‘mysql’
dbhost should be ‘localhost:3306’.
A good name for dbuser would be ‘nextcloud’
A good name for dbname could be ‘nextcloud’ or any name that relates to your purpose.
You have to set up the database and the user with these credentials.

Set first to english

Many thanks.

I tried to change in order to have error message in english (more simplier to exchange with community)
I put the line 'force_language" => ‘en’, in config.php as image

and I have this message on the web page (https://myip/nextcloud

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report.
More details can be found in the webserver log.

I precise that in trusted domain section in config.php file the ip match with the adress https://myip/nextcloud.

I can see in config.php a user login and password. Is it safe ? Do I have to use this password ,

Thanks for your help

“Internal Server Error” can have a lot of reasons.
Perhaps there is missing a php component. Have you installed all needed modules?
Have you activated mod-rewrite?

Perhaps you find an error with changing with ssh shell in the directory /volume1/web/nextcloud and then execute:

php index.php

This is incorrect. It muss look like this:
'force_language' => 'en',
Do you see the difference?

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hi I execute> php index.php

I have seen what is the mod-rewrite and I add the line (see picture below)
‘htaccess.RewriteBase’ => ‘/volume1/web/nextcloud’, to config.php
and correct the line for the language. and It WORKS thanks.


I have checked my phpadmin (see image below) with my credential

But I have always this error


Thanks Szaimen.
I saw the" instead ’ I am a rookie on vi editor :upside_down_face: :wink:

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The internal error was because of the language.

Language & Locale — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation
'force_language' => 'en',


Sorry. But where is the error posted from “php command line”?


Please post the part “MySQL/MariaDB” if clicked on the above installation-window (screenshot)


is it that you need ?

Default port is 3306. Do you have changed it?
Normally you do not use the user “root”.
DB “nextcloud” and “” is ok.

Look at:
netstat -tulpen
because of port.

I am on a synology NAS .

and mariaDB 10 config show me this

I feel not alone (thanks for that)


You must use an in your MariaDB added db-user and please not “root”.
Please add a user like “nextcloud” and use this user.

The user/password credential nextcloud/password must set in your MariaDB-configuration.



OK thanks
I followed your advice and create a user for phpadmin “ncdb” (for nextcloud database)
image below

but I have the same error.

I have rechecked the user and noticed that my “ncdb” user avec not the localhost in field .
I did the correction without success (see image below)

I understand that not using root as user name is for a security reasion.
but as the login root with password allowed me to log on phpAdmin Webpage, that means this user exists and password is correct. Why nextcloud told me the MySQL username and password is not valid.

I keep courage to fix this problem.
thanks for your answer

Sorry i can not understand france so i can not help you with your configuration.
Do you use the correct password? Perhaps the user must be allowed to access through the socket . Perhaps you must set “” instead of “localhost” in your configuration above. Can you change phpmyadmin to english and post it again?

oups. Excuse me. I will try to modify language.

Avez vous trouvé une solution? Je suis très intéressée car je rencontre le même problème…