Impossible to create a card on a mobile with firefox and safari

Impossible to create a card on a mobile with firefox and safari, the window with other settings is in front. Please take a look at the picture.

I am surprised that nobody is interested in this problem.
You have to understand that not everyone who has an iPhone can insert new cards, there is no application for ios.

Je suis étonné que personne ne s’intéresse à ce problème.
Il faut bien comprendre que toutes les personnes qui ont un iPhone ne peuvent pas enserrer de nouvelles cartes, il n’existe pas d’application pour ios.

Why don’t you just close the card details with the X in the top right corner?

when I click on new card, this window is in front.
Of course I can close it but I can’t write the title of the card.

Ok :slight_smile: You can simply tap the card name in that overlay and edit the card title

it is not possible, the keyboard does not appear.
and it is not possible to create a list, the keyboard does not appear.

Ok, this might perhaps be a problem related to iOS. On Android with Firefox I could edit the title like this.

I can do it on Android too.
On ios there is surely a nasty bug that needs to be fixed by the developers.

the question is: where is the bug located? Is it a thing that NC-devs could avoid somehow?
Anyways… if you think this is a bug, feel free to report it over there at github. and pls re-link it to here.

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I hope that the developers pass by here, and that before releasing a new version they will test it on the 4 main OS.
windows, mac, ios, android, linux.