Impossibile aggiornare Nextcloud 25.0.0 beta 6 a versione rc

hi all!
i’m italian and sorry for my bad english.
i want to update my version of nextcloud ( 25.0.0 beta 6) to an rc version (i know that tomorrow exit stable version) but when i want to made automatic update i find that before download the file of the new version all the part of the update are flagged green. and this before i update!
this only if i want to update a beta version!
i have fear that stable version does’t upgrade and i can’t use onlyoffice…
any advise is appreciate!

Hi pandino84,

not a problem with a not perfect English. Most of us have the problem that our Italian is bad :slight_smile:

I would upgrade via the terminal and not with the integrated updater. Work much faster and more reliable for me.

Check the (easy) procedure here:

I also think that there was an upgrade bug with the 25er releases, but should be fixed. Maybe you find something on the forum here :slight_smile:

hi, and thanks.
for me a manual update is a little bit tricky!
i’m a synology user and i follow marius hosting guide for installation of nextcloud…
i not have terminal!

Check the known issue in the first post here (with the .step file):

If you do beta-testing, the best is to have an independent setup that can break. The thing of the testing versions is that they are not fully tested and contain bugs. So if it breaks, you should be able to easily revert to a previous backup version and it shouldn’t cause any trouble for you.

It’s nice to help but only if you don’t risk your data!

thank you so much!

i follow this:

  • the updater does not remove the .step file in /path/to/data/updater-$INSTANCEID/ after a successful upgrade. Next time you like to upgrade you notice that all to-dos are ticked, alas nothing really happens. Manually deleting this .step file solves the issue for now, and we are looking into solving this for 25, of course.

and now i’m upgrading to rc6 waiting to the official release of today!
many many many thanks!

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nexcloud 25 installed and running…
but i don’t see my files! he say… The library ldap is not available.
any help now?

Did you install on a Raspberry? And maybe on a 32bit OS?
NC25 does not support 32 bit anymore. I had to upgrade my Raspberry Pi4 to the 64bit OS, then reinstalled NC25 and everything works fine.

Are you getting an orange 32bit PHP warning in the Admin overview?

you give me a good warning…
i install it on a synology nas, a ds214+ and is a 32bit… i reinstall the 24 version and all is ok
now nextcloud is working fine
i have only a preoblem whit onlyoffice… but this is another problem! thanks fot your contribution!

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They just announced that there will be a 32bit version with 25.0.2 by the end of November. 32bit will be dropped with the 26 version then. Maybe you wait a bit and give it a try :slight_smile:

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