Importing files from other computers / other NextClouds

I built my first NextCloud as a test when Oracle failed to have FREE sofware to create a cloud system on Solaris 11.3. Oracle has become too concerned with squeezing everyone for $$$. SUN Microsystems was more understanding of the experimenter.

I built my cloud to provide access to things found on my desktop machine. Didn’t realize that everything had to be “loaded” It seems that there must be a way since it’s possible for NextClouds to access and share folders that something could be made to automatically enter documents and photos from a desktop to the cloud.

I am experimenting with a GhostBSD system running NC 13.0.1 and so far I’m pleased. Everything seems to be working great I’m testing ZFS vs BTRFS on my two servers. Testing just kicked off today… so this will be interesting. I didn’t have SSL operational on the GhostBSD system until a few days ago. So it was a little jerky. I understand the SSL provides nearly double the transfer speed over http.

Anyway… contact me if I can be of assistance. I love to experiment. Retired Telecom Engineer with strong IT background.