Imported Google Contacts adds "\" before a "," within a phone number (Please support the "," character) #1855

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I added an issue over at

I have a voice over IP provider whom I call locally to make international calls.

So I have setup in my contacts a β€œ,” which causes a 2 second pause so my VOIP provider can recieve the number I actually wish to call. for example the VOIP number is +99 1 5551212 and the number I wish to call is +1 202 555 1212. Therefore the contact uses the following number
The imported contact instead now has

this "\" character is often used in PHP and HTML as a breakout character in coding and certainly should not be present within the telephone number for each imported contact.

the comma is an appropriate character for a telephone number within an addressbook

I cannot know how each implementation of my contacts will interpret this added character "\" it is not the data which should have been imported and indicates that the developer who coded the import function written in PHP does not expect a comma present within a telephone number

Nextcloud 19.0.4, Contacts 3.4.0, OS installed and updated on FreeBSD manually via CLI using the standard stable Channel

Please ping me when β€œ,” support has been added to this plugin so I can again re-import my contacts!

Thank you for the awesome work and contributions to the community!

Despite the textual description of the problem, I would recommend to add a csv file as an example to the issue report on GitHub, which can be used to reproduce the problem and to make sure that the csv-file syntax is correct.
This would prevent unnecessary questions. Additionally it would be good if you could add a screenshot of such an imported contact :wink:

Unfortunately no-one will actively ping you on this issue. You will receive GitHub update notification on your issue report, if someone will comment or work on it - that’s all you can expect.

I only expect the code works as intended, it appears the code made a choice when no intention was present.

What is the intent when there is a comma present in an imported telephone number?

As I wrote, please attach a csv file example to make sure that the vcard syntax is correct. A comma is by default a field separator and need to be handle differently in a field. Therefore it is always good to have a reference file available.

FN:Nextcloud GitHub
item1.TEL:+43 5551 212\,0012025551212

Screenshot 2020-10-16 185938|690x261

Attempting to export that contacts generates a breakout for the comma in the phone number in the exported file.

Issue 1855 Updated

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This Behavior occurred when importing a .vcf file generated by Google under the Export contacts feature for Contacts using the vCard (for iOS Contacts) format

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