Import Paid SSL Certificate on Nexcloud

Hi, We recently starting to use nextcloud server. I installed nextcloud with snap library. We gave static ip to open all to connect external user and share their files. And then we changed to domain name (10.34.100…-> . After we bought comodo ssl certificate. I’d like to import this .crt file and do not want to take any security error while we access to website.

How can I import ssl certificate? And If I repeat “sudo nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt” this process would I have a chance to not lose data and return the site alive?

There is so many work free ssl with letsencrypt, certboot but could not find related with paid ssl cert. Also comodo ssl give me this all crt and txt files. Not give me any pem etc. Can you help me to our ssl to activate.


Resource about install nextcloud ;

Nextcloud Version : 20.0.1 System Report
Password: tVdN4bbxaeUDR9RIApQM

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop Version

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it says that you should run the command with -h for more options. And in the sources I found this line:

Thanks @tflidd. I need to write about such as

nextcloud.enable-https custom cert.pem key.pem cert.pem

but I have just .crt files. After I generated pem and key files with rsa; Do you mind if I use the same .pem files? Or How can I generate them.