'Import' Local File System Files

I have a Linux server which has happily been used as a simple file server with Samba.

I want to extend capabilities and have installed NextCloud.

I can see there is a import facility, but I want NextCloud to reference the pre-existing files, not import them to some internal store, thereby duplicating them needlessly. I cannot see a way of doing this.

In other words, allow Next Cloud to present a folder tree that is on the server file system as if it was an uploaded tree, and also apply NextCloud permissions.

Also, where does NextCloud store imported files/data? In the database as BLOBs are on the file system somewhere? The existing data is on a RAID5 filesystem and I’d like NextCloud data to be located there too. Where is this configured?

you are looking for “external storage” - this way NC “mounts” existing shares via NFS, SMB and local directories external to NCs native file system.

Be aware: I found external storage extremely slow down the system - at least with 3 bigger shares mounted via NFS.

Unfortunately still had no chance to test it with local storage.

Once you mount the external storage you should stop accessing it from outside of NC otherwise the NC may not reflect changes to the underlying file system (occ scan to fix)

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