Import from Trello to Deck?

Hello there,

Migration from Trello is becoming critical as Atlassian has unleashed new restrictions on its kanban product. There’s a great opportunity here for Nextcloud, and particularly Deck to gain more traction.

I noticed there appears to be an app to help that process but it seems abandonned unfortunately.

I saw there’s a native command in Deck to import trello json but I’m not a sys admin and I don’t know how to use that command.

Has anyone managed to import any trello board with that command and would be kind enough to share a tutorial here please? I’ve searched but couldn’t find anything in that spirit.

I believe that’d help many people :slight_smile:


have you tried this one?

Hey thanks for your message @JimmyKater
Yep I checked there, it’s been helpful but a bit concise.

In the end, I managed to do it and I wrote a tutorial for the next ones looking for such help. It’s in French, but I guess it’s not hard to translate it. I shared it on Yunohost forum as it’s the setup I use to host Nextcloud.


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that’s so nice of you

that’s nice as well… but have you put thought into doing the translation yourself ( or etc) and posting it here as a new thread which we could then move to our how-to categegory?
I mean it belongs here to this forum somehow as well ;o)

I would be very happy (and every coming kid with the same problems as well) if you’d do that :wink:

And here you go @JimmyKater : [TUTO] How to import your boards from Trello to Deck :wink:


i really appreciate your effords here… and I would give you more than just one/two hearts if I could!
very well done and thanks for everything!
do we want to make it a “wiki” so that everybody could edit it in case of changes?

No worries, I’m happy to contribute. All these tools are great and we are very grateful for all the work done by the people who are making it a reality. Feel free to edit the wiki about deck and include it there yes ^^

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so well… congratulations onbeing a part of the contributing community now… :partying_face: :tada:

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With pleasure :wink: