Import folders to Cookbook

First, I love this app!! I enjoy cooking and it keeps me wonderfully organized and helps me share recipes with my family.

Unfortunately, I had to reinstall NC. I copied my old recipe folders into my new Recipes folder. They don’t show in the app - is there something I need to do to import them or make them visible to the app?

Thanks for the app and your help.

The recipes need to get reindexed. This happens every now and then, but can also be triggered from the settings menu.

If you had the cookbook app not open prior to restoring, it might have selected another folder for storing the recipes than you might want. You normally can select the folder in the settings. It will reindex in the new folder automatically.

Currently, there was a recent bug report from last night that switching of the folder was not possible with Cookbook 0.11.0 on NC28. I just inform you, this is not yet confirmed but would be fixed soon.

Depending on the number of recipes in the folder, reindexing might take some time. Be patient, you might need to trigger multiple times in case it times out.

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Thank you. I moved the folders in and triggered a rescan several times, waited, but all to no avail.

What did work, however, was to create a recipe with the same name. Say ok when told a duplicate exists and then load all recipes Then a rescan read the new folder(s).

Thanks for your help.

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