Import files from shared link of other Cloud Provider like GDrive

Is it possible to import files from a public link of another cloud (other than nextcloud) to my nextcloud? Is there maybe a nextcloud app for that?

My problem: A friend shared a link to one of his GDrive folders and I don’t want to first download everything manually and then upload everything again.

You can use rclone to add Google Drive access to your Nextcloud, which will make the transfer to your Nextcloud seamless.

There is the download app. However the real issue is that herover links are basically just html with a huge bunch of other links. There is no really easy way to do it. You will need an integration or an app that is build for purpose to traverse all the files and download them.

Maybe this app can help you? As I remembers, you can choose a spcific url extension to force GDrive to deliver all as a zip:

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