Import / Export or Backup / Restore

Hey guys,

With one of the last updates, you made it happen, that cards can be moved between decks. - Great stuff. Now, I just only miss one feature to be in heaven ;):

I’d like to import/export or backup/restore all my cards in a second instance of NC, without some commandline sql statements. Is there yet anything like that in the scope of development?

You can read here:
Perhaps there is an issue or reguest. Perhaps you can post an issue or request.
It’s Christmas again in half a year.

Here is the issue:

Are we talking about the same, because this issue seems to be solved here: Nextcloud Deck delivers: file attachments, checkboxes and export - #8 by mactrent

With just a occ command one can export a Deck for a user.

edit: I see, it’s the import that is lacking