Import Database and users from owncloud to nextcloud

Hello, I have a FreeBSD server with owncloud version 7 installed and with thousands of users, the data directory and the database are on independent external servers, I would like to know if it is possible to install nextcloud 11 on another server and then to map the external data directory And import the owncloud database into another db. In conclusion have a server nexcloud 11 that uses the same users and data used my old server owncloud without having to do a migration via web or via occ. Thank you very much

Hola tengo un servidor FreeBSD con owncloud version 7 instalada y con miles de usuarios, el directorio de datos y la base de datos estan en servidores externos independientes, quisiera saber si es posible instalar nextcloud 11 en otro servidor y luego mapear el directorio de datos externo e importar la base de datos de owncloud en otra db. En conclusion tener un servidor nexcloud 11 que utilize los mismos usuarios y datos que utilizaba mi viejo servidor owncloud sin necesidad de hacer una migracion via web o via occ. Muchas gracias

The database between major versions can change, so you can’t just use a dump from a previous NC or OC version. You can start with a new setup and ask users to migrate their data (app data, calendars, contacts) and move files yourself. All public shares, internal share would be lost and your users have to resync all content with their clients again.

If you want to do migration, I would use manual upgrades (run the actual upgrade process from terminal via occ command to avoid php timeouts) and you must not skip major upgrades:

OC 7.0 -> OC 8.0 -> OC 8.1 -> OC 9.0 -> NC 10 -> NC 11, always the latest version of each branch.

Thank you very much for your response in such a short time, I will
then go to work and try to migrate, once again thank you very much