Import Contacts and Tasks from Outlook 2003

Hi there!
Just migrated from decades of MS-Office-use to ubuntu and nextcloud. Buuut: could not import my thousands of outlook 2003 contacts and the tasks to the nextcloud-app (tried all formats, also tried via thunderbird, without success). Anybody who already solved this?
Thanks in advance

Not sure if this is the right forum for you.
Not many outlook users here and topics are rarely about that software.

Question is, what formats can you export contacts and tasks?
Going through Thunderbird is a good idea, you couldn’t import at all or did the export to Nextcloud fail?

For the contacts, it seems that you can export to vcards (*.vcf). Perhaps an old format that NC does not support any more but other clients or you can convert to a newer format. I had the problem recently and luckily I found a small script to update the version: Import vcard 2.1 to address book

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Thanks tflidd. Well I share the suspect that the Vcard-Versions are to old. Of course I am to new in UBuntu to know, whether I should applie the given script, without risking any harm…

Unfortunately neither NC nor Thunderbird accept the outlook-exported .xls or .csv file, it’s a mess…

Well if you have one example contact in the vcard format, we can see. It’s just text, so you can easily anonymize the data.

have you tried synching them once with CalDav Synchronizer? Or is OL2003 not supported anymore by this nice and free tool?

Thanks again! I now installed a second-hand outlook 2016 on my Win10 emulation and sucessfully imported the Outlook 2003 .pst file, so all contacts, tasks… are now in a contemporary format. I also installed CalDav Synchroniizer in the new outlook and successfully ‘tested’ the settings. Buuut: The data is not uploading to nextcloud. What could be the reason?

cal dav sync provides a logfile… and it would be great to grant us a peek in there…
as well as nc provides a logfile with errormessages… a look into it would be helpful as well, perhaps

Sag Jimmy, sollte man die nicht lieber abseits des Forums übermitteln?

I really don’t want to sound rude or snobby or what… but this is the intl. part of the forum… and it’s standard language is english, I’m afraid. So for the sake of the readability for all here it would be nice if you’d keep to this standard.

I know it’s a bit more difficult but worth it overall. Since it might help other with a similar problem sometimes later.

apart from that point… you can always delete/remove all data you think is too secret for public access.

it only says that they didn’t create, update, delete anything. No real error.

So how did you setup the initial sync? maybe some screenshots would help?

ummm maybe i need new glasses but i cant see anything clear in this pic :frowning: :eyeglasses:

Strange. Its shrinking while being pasted…

Just filled in as given in the online manuals. (URL copied from my NC contact app, User, PW)

Then “Test or discover settings” - successful.

so it looks like this?

Yes that’s exactly the URL.

your outlook folder points to your addressbook?

and you checkmarked your task on the left side?

Sorry, didn’t understand?

you need to setup an outlook folder (it’s above the URL thingy). This one should point to your actual addressbook you want to sync. Use the 3 point “…” to browse there.

on the left side of the setupscreen there’s a task and an icon plus a checkbox. this one should be checked… just click it.

Yesssss :slight_smile:
Finally some progress: sync started!

The folder pointed to the first visible adressbook - but: behind, there was another, probably the one used by outlook. I changed the folder, now something is going on…

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Indeed all calender dates now migrated from outlook to nextcloud (and beyond…) - Thaanks!

But still I can’t find all the contacts, they should also been processed - maybe they hide somewhere on nextcloud?