Import collectives

I migrated from a Nextcloud server to a AIO solution. My question is, I have all the folders and files for the collectives I had on the old server. They are now in the collectives folder in the new server, yet the collectives app did not discover, that it already has some files inside the dedicated folder. Even if I move them out and back into the collectives folder nothing will appear in the collectives app. How can I force the collectives app to scan itás folder?

Dear @Byter, you have to re-recreate your Collectives manually on the new instance. Only after creating a new Collective, you can copy back the files from the respective collective into the folder of the new collective. Unfortunately there’s no export/import function in Collectives for smooth migration between instances/installations yet.

  1. Move everything out of your personal Collectives folder again
  2. Create your collectives inside the Collectives app
  3. Copy the file contents from the old collectives into the folders of your respective new collectives

This will not restore page emojis, page order, last changed timestamps and the like because these information reside in the database. But all your pages along with their contents will be restored that way.