Import 1Password 6 data into Passwords

Dose anybody know how to Export/Import data from 1Password 6 to passwords?
I couldn’t fine anything in this direction.


You can try the CSV import:

To be more precise:

  1. Export the data from 1Password as CSV:
  2. Open the Import feature in the Passwords app:
  3. Import the data from 1Password with the “Custom CSV” import feature: . Use the preview feature in the csv field mapping section to see how data is imported.
  4. Check your passwords in the password app. Delete the CSV file if you’re done.

Thanks verymuch for your answer.

While transfering, I noticed that nc passwords do not have enough fields.

I use 1password for at least 10 years and have over 450 pw stored in it. from “normal” logins to mail smtp, cc etc…
So Passwords is not the right tool for me, it is to simple build.

The app supports up to 20 custom fields in addition to the 5 default fields per password. The downside is that the import expects these fields in a predefined format.

If you feel like the app should have a specific 1password import, (or any other service) you can always request it on github.