Implementation of forms into the web


I have a request, I use Nextcloud forms (version 28) on my own instance to request/book rooms at my hotel. I am using a web page (Hugo server) to access the form and the link to the form in it - it works.
But I would like to implment this form directly into the website so that it doesn’t go away.

Isn’t there a solution - typically the older iframe option ?

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Hi @Pavel_Volk,

there’s already a feature request on Github and also some work to implement this. However it’s not completely ready yet.

Ability to embed form into website · Issue #324 · nextcloud/forms (

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OK, thank you for the reply.

I can’t help with the code, I’ll wait and hope for an early result.
Since I’m using NC, I don’t want to go into other, different variants.

Have a nice day

Ok, so please mark my answer as the solution to your question :slight_smile:

Have a nice day, too!

Good news: Embedding will be a feature of the upcoming 4.2.0 release of forms :rocket:


the news is good, just a shame there’s no how to …
I have version 4.2.3 and I haven’t figured out how , or where to find this option in the settings

@Pavel_Volk there is of course documentation available: forms/docs/ at main · nextcloud/forms (

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Thank you very much

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