Immich Integration with Nextcloud

Good morning everyone, I was thinking of building a cloud platform for backing up my devices on Nextcloud, which I really like. However, I don’t like the photo management solution and I want to use Imich instead, but only as a viewer and not for anything else, as it’s still very unstable and not secure… So I thought to set up Imich as an external library for the photo backup folder, so that I have them on a fast viewer and so on… I’ve managed to do this and it works great, and I’ve also discovered that if I delete photos on Imich, they’re also deleted on the directory that points to them, and therefore also on Nextcloud… Now, I want to know if deleting photos directly from the directory on Unraid will be appreciated by Nextcloud and MariaDB (the DB I’m using for NC) or could it cause problems? My fear is that modifying files without going through the NC interface could cause chaos and bugs inside NC…"

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help with!

Don‘t do that. Modifying the files will cause problems. Use WebDAV only.

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And how can I use WebDAV to import the folder from NC as a library in Immich? Do you have any guidelines? Sorry, but I’m new to using NC…

I know nothing about Immich.
Can it act as a WebDAV client? NC is a mature enhanced WebDAV server.

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ok perfect I’ll see what I can do through systems
Thank you!

Hello Fab18,

I’m interested in your setup with Immich. Could you please tell me if it’s possible to set up multiple accounts and manage them separately? For example, I would like to set up my mother’s photos to be managed by her Immich app, while my photos are managed by my own Immich app, keeping them separate. Have you done this before, and if so, could you share how you did it?

Thank you!

Hi @fab18

Did you try both: photos and memories?

App-Id photos
App-Name Photos
Summary Your memories under your control
Categories multimedia
Repository GitHub - nextcloud/photos: 📸 Your memories under your control
Shipped (included), default enabled App

App-Id memories
App-Name Memories
Summary Fast, modern and advanced photo management suite
Categories multimedia
Repository GitHub - pulsejet/memories: Fast, modern and advanced photo management suite. Runs as a Nextcloud app.
Not-shipped (not included) App available in appstore

I found this comparison:

I have looked over the Imich project and it doesn’t look like one can simply install both projects and connect them to each other via a protocol (such as WebDAV) it will need a realy good developed immich integration app to be developed from someone with deep knowledge of both projects.

Maybe you? Since you already made some experiences!

Much and good luck,

How did you do it? Did you integrate the files as “external library” to immich?

Your fear is justified. All files are stored in the database under a unique fileid. All changes made at file system level must also be reflected in the oc_filecache table in the database.

However, there is an occ command to do that. If you want to quickly put something together using simple scripting tools, you should do the database integration with → occ files:scan ← . That command will remove deleted files from the oc_filecache, update changed (size, mtime, storage_mtime) files and add new files to it, so those changes wil become visible to the nextcloud ecosystem.

You can use occ files:scan very finegrained, not just for --all files - which can be a verry time consuming task - but it is possible to only scan one directory or even one single file, which is very fast.

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