Images in Pico CMS

Hi all,
I am testing Pico-CMS as an app in Nextcloud together with the markdown editor app.
My problem: Images on the assets folder can be selected from markdown editor. But running the website, no image is visible, but the image file name instead, which apparently is defined in an alt attribute of the generated html.

Do I have to change any setting or configuration?

Any help is appreciated. Matthias

Hi Matthias,

are you integrating them - like in the shipped example - as:

![Image Title](%assets_url%/image.png)

Works for me, though I can’t see the images in the Markdown Editor.

OK, this worked for me modifying the file with my local text editor which was synced thereafter. But I couldn’t find a way to edit the same file with the online text editor within nextcloud files page.

I thought it was recommended to use the Nextcloud markdown editor which allows for adding a picture by gui elements, i.e. I cannot see the orginal markdown text.

I think it’s recommended to use this Markdown Editor, not the one integrated in NC by default.