Image search based on computer vision and AI

We are developing image search engine ( and Basically it detects objects, scenes,faces on images and extracts exitf metadata. After that it allows to find images using complex criteria like “images with man and woman taken in 2007 on the beach” or “images with Dalai Lama in temple”.

We are investigating possible applications and I am curious What do you think about image search in NextCloud?


Hello Vadim,
That would be great to have such thing. Right now I installed face recognition in nextcloud, but now I was wondering what about if I want to search all the pictures with a cat on it. And then I found your thread :slight_smile:
My whole family uses nextcloud to store all the pictures taken with the cameras and smartphones since years. So it must be more than 100k photos. And this amount of photos no-one wants to categorize/tag manually. So machine help will be very appreciated!

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