Image rotation implementation


I have searched on the internet, but I can’t find this info. I want to know if it’s possible to configure nextcloud somehow so that users can rotate images?

We have server where we have thousands of images and users are reviewing them, but some come oriented wrong (scans), so users need to rotate them (clockwise or anticlockwise), by downloading them and fix the orientation and then uploading it back to the server. We want to speed up the process by integrating some kind of tool to rotate images directly in nextcloud?

Is there any way to do this?

We are using the latest version on Nextcloud.


Hi there,

i guess your users are not using the sync client. The obvious solution here would be to rotate the pic through some software, saving it, and the pic gets replaced by the rotated one on the Server.

There are Cyberduck, Mountainduck, and native linux desktop implementation of Webdav whichs allow for manipulating files without syncing.

But if you are stuck to the webinterface i would implement the following points into a Script which runs via cronjob:

1.) mark the file somehow, (tag, special folder, etc… use your imagination)

2.) Use a procedure to rotate the file with some cli tool which got marked ( example: )

3.) do a occ files:rescan

if you have some ressources, you could write an App around the script.

I’ve just seen that someone is already working on the implementation of this feature:

Any estimation on when this will be available?