Image manipulation app

I love the NC file UI. It’s easy to navigate and you have a good overview.

What I miss is to run script’s on files or folders.

For example I want to rename and compress images. I don’t need an UI for it run a script from a defined script folder or use flow would be awesome.

You shouldn’t manually modify files in the main Nextcloud storage. You can move stuff that you want to modify on a local folder (and use it as external storage in Nextcloud), and then you can run all scripts you like to modify these files.

But I want to edit the images within the online UI so that I don’t have to download them.

You just move the files into a different local folder of the server and you can then do the modifications on the server directly. No need to download them.

How can I manipulate files as a user (with admin Rights) in the web UI?

You said with a script without UI:

For something more integrated, you have workflows:

There is an example to convert files to pdf:

and there is an app for that:

And just looking through the app store, I discovered an app that could be very interesting for you:

I think it would be cool to have an image manipulation app. In elFinder is a nice option for resize, cut and rotate images. Sorry. Screenshot in german.

I found out that there are two really cool apps for converting movies.
from @cwilby
from @PaulLereverend

and there is one image converting app
from @Steasenburger

so I will have to have a look at the git repositories and maybe I can found a good solution for image manipulation.

the goal is something like the dolphin service menus provide

KDE 5 Service Menu for PDF

I read in the news that ffmpeg offer xljpeg support so it look like when you offer an service menu for NC by use ffmpeg you can manipulate

  • :movie_camera: video,
  • :headphones: audio
  • :framed_picture: images

which would offer a big range of files.

And yes something like pdf manipulation would be also awesome like

The app can not solve the problem. I think it would be nice if there is an app for image manipulations. I think the needed php functions are available and for programmers it is easy to implement. Ideas can be found e.g. in elFinder (see screenshot above).

Yes you are right, this is currently not supported.
This app could be definitely extended to support other file types apart from HEIC like JPEGXL, but generic image manipulation like rotation or scaling is not something I want to add.

Ok. Maybe someone else can program a nice app for that feature. I would like this feature.

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