I'm not getting an E-mail for changing password

I have a problem that user on my cloud can not change their password by getting link via email.

I created a new user typed in an email and then clicked on “forgot password”. After 4 seconds it tells me that I got an email but I’ve checked my email and did not get an email and it’s also not in the spam folder.

What do you think could be the problem?

Thanks for your help!

You have most likely misconfigured your email settings. The best would be to check the log file of your email server and check what’s going on in the background.

In the admin settings page where you configure the outgoing mail server there is also a button to send a test mail to yourself. That way you can exclude that it is an issue on your end.

Also (probably obvious) make sure the user has a correct e-mail address set…

I sent a test email but got nothing. But which email should I type in as a sender? I typed in the email of the admin.

Typing in any mail address you have access to should be fine - the system simply sends a mail there saying “everything works”.

But since I didn’t get this mail I presume that something is wrong with your mail server settings. Could you double-check that they are alright?

Could you maybe send me your email settings? Just to get an idea how it should look like. Thanks!

Sure, here you go:

The account is a regular mail account I set up with a provider. You can also use your Gmail or whatever account, just be aware that your cloud will then send mails in your name. :slight_smile: