I'm new to NextcloudPi and messed things up somehow

So I was able to install Nextcloudpi and had it working without any issues for a couple of weeks.
Unrelated to Nextcloudpi, I made some adjustments to my router, trying (unsuccessfully) to get UPnP set up to run Plex.
It seems like a change I made to the router settings, interfered with something that Nextcloudpi relies on.
Now, although I can log in to the NextCloudPi Panel, when I click the Nextcloud icon to Launch NextCloud it opens a website that says “503 Service Unavailable.
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

I’m not super technical, or familiar with how Plex or Nextcloud work so I was following different instructions/suggestions and I’m not really sure what I changed that caused this to happen.

Anyone have ideas about where I could check to see if there’s a quick way to fix this issue? Or should I just start over and try again?

Any suggestions or help is appreciated…I’d really like to avoid having to re-install Nextcloud.

Hi @totalnoob,

if you can read or send some info from your nextcloud.log it might help you or use to get a direction where it might come from.

best regards

and they are both on seperate servers!
Have you tried disabling the plex server to see if the router again forwards to the NC.
If all else fails - reset router and set up port forwarding again.

Thanks @sambilanet and @Mark_F

Good news, it turns out I was being overly dramatic when I wrote that post. I tried logging in to find the nextcloud.log, and tried the Launch Nextcloud button again for no particular reason and it opened up the Dashboard like normal.

So I’m not sure what was causing the trouble with NextCloud yesterday, but I’m going to be glad it’s working and try to get a little more comfortable with NextCloud before trying to integrate Plex.

Is the How To section of this forum, a good spot for a beginner to get more familiar with NextCloud? Or is there a better place to do that…YouTube.

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