I'm having issues with my nextcloud need an expert

Hi I need to hire an expert to fix problems with my installation of nextcloud.
Please contact me.

Thank you.

it would be better to just write about your problem(s) and give out as much information as possible about your instance, server-envorinment, setup and maybe even logs…
rather than waiting for an “expert” to contact you :wink:

Too many problems for one post.
Are you expert?
I’m willing to pay.

usually you should be starting with one point. and then after solving it you should come up with the next one.

not that kind you’re asking for

thus i’ve moved your posting to “looking”

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Nobody is willing to help ? Can’t understand what’s going on and can’t find any help on the existing topics. Please I need somebody.


I could help you to solve your nextcloud-problems.
How can I reach you? Skype, Email?