I'm a little confused about installing which Collabora variant... Which one is free?


I’m a little confused as to the installation process for Collabora for NextCloud 11.

From the NextCloud website, Collabora Online Office is mentioned, yet at the Collabora website, Collabora Online says that there are “…online trials”, for NextCloud (No mention there of Collabora Online Office though).

There’s also Collabora CODE - which seems to be the more bleeding edge version, and seems to be free of the bit about SLAs and enterprise support agreements, etc., and finally there’s LibreOffice Online, which seems to lead all of the development with the most and emerging features.

I’m not so concerned with whether I’m running a leading edge devel focused version or a certified stable version, as long as it’s generally acceptable for being stable in a home/personal environment on my own hosted NextCloud instance, but there appears

Finally, there’s the “Collabora Cloudsuite”, which the old ownCloud says is what it integrates with.

So my question is basically, which variations of Collabora and/or LibreOffice work well with NextCloud, that I can install / integrate and enjoy the sharing features for free.

And I guess I’ll decide upon whether to install one of the Docker images to do this on my server or just install support on the server itself later, but any suggestions would be appreciated as well.

Thanks! And I’m hoping the community can help because right now, with all of of the flavors, things are about as clear as mud for me.

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In my case Collabora and Onlyoffice are both working great. Collabora is more lightweight,
Onlyoffice has more advanced features, but needs a lot of RAM, but can be used with http only in a LAN for example.
Both are having connection limits of 20, and CODE opens 10 Documents parallel. Onlyoffice afaik 20.

But which Collabora ?

The Code Edition