Ignored because of the “choose what to sync” blacklist


I’ve gotten a few of these in the log window:

Ignored because of the “choose what to sync” blacklist

Is there somewhere in the documentation to say what this means?

I see that the directory it’s referencing has a yellow exclamation.


Nobody has any clue where this message comes from?


Is this on the sync client? In the sync client there is a setting under General -> Edit Ignored files where you can add ignored or blacklist files based on extensions.


ok, I’ve look in there and seems like a normal blacklist. This hasn’t been changed either. Is it possible to get a log file of some sort to see exactly how some files are matched against this list?

I’ve unchecked a directory to mark it as not sync’ing, but it’s not being removed.

Also, I’m a little put off by the wording of this error.

It says: “ignored because of the choose what to sync blacklist”. The way I understand it, is that the “choose what to sync” list is a different list than the “blacklist”, but somehow this sentence ties them together, so I have no idea what that means. It simply means that some files are on the blacklist, but why does it mention “choose what to sync”, cause that’s something totally different.