Ignored because of the “choose what to sync” blacklist

I’ve gotten a few of these in the log window:

Ignored because of the “choose what to sync” blacklist

Is there somewhere in the documentation to say what this means?

I see that the directory it’s referencing has a yellow exclamation.

Nobody has any clue where this message comes from?

Is this on the sync client? In the sync client there is a setting under General -> Edit Ignored files where you can add ignored or blacklist files based on extensions.

ok, I’ve look in there and seems like a normal blacklist. This hasn’t been changed either. Is it possible to get a log file of some sort to see exactly how some files are matched against this list?

I’ve unchecked a directory to mark it as not sync’ing, but it’s not being removed.

Also, I’m a little put off by the wording of this error.

It says: “ignored because of the choose what to sync blacklist”. The way I understand it, is that the “choose what to sync” list is a different list than the “blacklist”, but somehow this sentence ties them together, so I have no idea what that means. It simply means that some files are on the blacklist, but why does it mention “choose what to sync”, cause that’s something totally different.

I have had the same issue: the sub-folder containing the data (several GiB) was not synced with the same message, and NextCloud (desktop client) behaving weird (e.g. showing green icon looking as “everything is in sync” while some folders missing on my computer).

What I did to fix (hack) this issue:

  • in Settings, edited the field after the option “Ask for confirmation before synchronizing folders large then” to 500000 (MB), then unchecked that option. This does not help on itself, though I guess this is prerequisite.

  • quited NextCloud

  • opened the file ._sync_036b7cd948ef.db located in the root of the folder managed by NextCloud (the hash code will likely be different in other settings) and found name of my “big” folder (two entries)

  • replaced a symbol in the name by irrelevant one (like “Data” -> “Aata”)

  • restarted NextCloud

Now the synchronization seems to work.

The same procedure did work for me. Careful with the binary format though :slight_smile:

It also was a directory which exceeded the default value of 500 MB. And I was also confused about the mix-up of blacklist (to be edited) and “choose what to sync”.