Ignore list - what does the allow deletion mean? (I do not understand the explanation in the sync app.)


I hope somebody can provide clarity on this. What does the allow deletion option doe for the ignore patterns? are users at risk of losing their local files if they are of the types on the list?

If somebody is moving files into their nextcloud folder locally, example.pdf as a file example and they have added *.pdf to the ignore list and allow deletion.

does this mean that locally in the folder that file is deleted by the sync client? I am hoping not but I want some clarity as the nextcloud sync client has the explanation.

Items where deletion is allowed will be deleted if they prevent a directory from being removed. this is useful for meta data.

Can somebody explain what exactly the deletion does. The user is now missing .png and .pdf files that they moved to the folder.


I have the same question :slightly_smiling_face:
Would love some clarification, have looked into the manuals but found nothing

same question here.
Does it delete the files locally, on the server or both ?