Ignore list? Symbolic links? - file sync

NC: 21.0.3

I got a message after doing some testing on a new NC installation.

I upload lots fo files which all seemed to be transferred.

But, I got a message in my desktop client saying that files from the ignore list and symbolic links are not synchronized.

What does this mean?

There was no error saying things were not synchronized.

Thanks for any ideas.



If files are matched by your ignore list then the client should tell you no error because it is no error.

See the client activity window or log file to see which files are not synced.


I did not know what the ignore list was since I did not use it.

This seems to be a general message, and since there were no errors, it does not pertain to error synchronizations.


One more note:

Please see https://docs.nextcloud.com/desktop/3.3/navigating.html#using-the-ignored-files-editor

I recommend to make sure that not important files are “ignored”.