Ignore/Exclude directories question


I read forum carefully enougth and found that many topics about file/folder exclusion are outdated.

The problem:
I have directory called “/software” in folder that i need to sync. Also i have directory “/another/software” in same root folder.

I want to sync “/another/software” but i don’t want to sync “/software”.

Current solution:
I tried everything using root folder ignore list and found only one solution. I made new ignore list in directory “software” and put a line “*” in it. That stopped “software” from syncing but now i have empty “software” dir in my storage.

Question is:
I know that if i put “software/” line in root folder ignore list it will stop syncing all folders called “software” wherever they are located.

Is there any update on this behavior?
Maybe someone found better solution that don’t sync empty folders?

Can you not just uncheck /software in the sync client?

But it will delete “/software” folder and i don’t want to delete it.

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Btw i’m using NC for two years or so and this Ignore/Exclude problems was always painfull for me.

Finally registered and created this thread only because all old threads about this behaviour are outdated.

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I did not take it as rude. :smiley: I like to welcome people to the nextcloud community!

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