IE problems: certificate and agenda


My professionnal cloud service was upgraded from ownCloud to nextCloud and I have the following problems with Internet Explorer only (v11 / Windows 8.1):

  1. The security certificate is self-signed, and I cannot get rid of the warning. I followed this procedure:

    • Click on Continue to this website (not recommended)
    • Click on Certificate Error in the red colored address bar
    • Click on View certificates
    • In the Certificate dialog, press Install Certificate
    • In the Certificate Import Wizard, click Next
    • On page 2 of the wizard, select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse;
    • In the Select Certificate Store dialog, select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click OK
    • In the wizard, click Next, click Finish
      I think I remember the above trick worked with the previous service based on owncloud, but now with nextcloud the security warning is still there. On the other hand with Firefox it’s much easier to define a permanent exception
  2. Accessing the cloud on the web via IE, I cannot load the agenda: it gets frozen on the moving circle (as if the loading would take forever). No problem with Firefox.

I’m not a fan of Internet Explorer, but on a Windows system it’s (unfortunately) basically the only option designed for touch screens…

Thanks for any help !

The correct solution is to use a validated certificate. Considering the cost is basically zero, there really is no reason to use a self signed one.

Since both of these issues happened when your professional cloud service did an upgrade, I would contact them for support.