Ideas on Nextcloud reporting for events from log file

Hello Team,

I use Nextcloud 12.05.

I manage a small office and would like to be notified or create a report on events from our Nextcloud. I know there is a log file I can look through but I’m hoping there are other ideas or even Apps that could assist me so the information is more easily available/readable would be greatly appreciated:

  1. I’d like to have a way to view (or maybe even be alerted) when a file is downloaded. In our office our staff keep all their files on Nextcloud and with OnlyOffice they have no need to ever download a file. So although Nextcloud is built to be able to upload and download, The owners want to keep track of when files are downloaded to ensure that their instructions to their staff are being followed correctly.
  2. We would like to know when a login attempt has failed.

I know that there is a log file in Nextcloud but it can get busy with a lot of events and unless I look at it regularly, it’s not a way for me to keep tabs on what the owners want information on. I suppose what I’m looking for is to be able to parse the data from the log file (as I’m assuming the points I’ve listed above are all in my Nextcloud logfile) and create a report based on dates when I need too. I haven’t seen reporting within Nextcloud…but does an App exist (I’ve looked but perhaps one exists and I haven’t seen it) that would help me create reports?

Or are there a third party external tools that others have used/aware of that I can use to help parse log data from Nextcloud to help with what I need?

Any advice or pointers to help me in my search would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Team,

Still digging around to see what I can see to help me with my usecases.

I found an App called Activity Log -

It appears to not work with Nextcloud 12 (at least I can’t find it in my list of Apps). I also can’t find the github or source for this. Is this App dead?

Thank you.