Idea: personal favicon = avatar of user

As can be seen, in the above screenshot of Firefox there are 4 different tabs open, all with the same favicon.

Instead of the standard favicon of the Nextcloud server i would like to have here my personal one - the avatar which i have chosen on the personal page of the user. Of course it should be visible only when logged in.

With a personal favicon it would be easier and faster to navigate within the open tabs of the browser i think.

I don’t know about the favicon = avatar image thing you mentioned, but the favicon of your private nextcloud setup can be easily changed as part of a theme.

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I’ve now installed “Theming 1.1.1” of the app store. I only found an option to change the logo and the login image, but none for a personal favicon.

So please which theme are you speaking about @Philip?

Sorry, I didn’t explain it clearly. My apologies.

It’s the “themes” folder in /var/www/nextcloud

I will suggest you to create a new folder in it, name it, copy the entire original contents in the “core” folder (located in /var/www/nextcloud) into it, then you can edit it there.

Don’t forget to add this line in your config.php (located in /var/www/nextcloud/config) :

Then you can replace the original favicon.ico image with the one you want (located in /var/www/nextcloud/themes/YOURTHEMEFOLDER/img)

You can name it the same as the original file and replace it.

In my instance the default favicon is replaced by the uploaded logo image.


Well, this is one favicon for all users together. I would like to see the uploaded profile picture of a user so that each user has his own favicon - for his own data.

Okay, I’ve misinterpreted “personal favicon”.

(I never see the standard icon (first screenshot) because it is replaced by the app icon (in Keeweb too). This fill my needs exactly.)

That’s true, should work at least for most apps. Files, Activity, Gallery, Spreed.ME, of course the settings/admin pages and some old apps (ownNote for me) do still show the standard icon.

This feature could be enhanced by i.e. automatically create the favicon from the apps chooser icons. Then only the settings/admin pages would be left for standard icon and every old/new app automatically gets one (as long as it has an app chooser icon). Then for me also every need would be filled. As I do not manage more than one user at the same machine and time, the per-user icon would not have some benefit for me. Also the question is if this should override the per-app icons, which would be a problem for me, as i DO manage different apps the same time ;).