Idea: implement OpenCV

  • Facial recognition system
  • Object identification
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I got a Pi3 with the camera and a pan-tilt hat.

Had much fun with OpenCV and Wall-e-pi as he became named.

OpenCV is available on most distro’s as is python, but not sure what you mean by implement it.

As in what face book are doing for anything from auto tagging users to banning boobs?

As an extension to the Nextant? Similar like Google Fotos can do. Recogise objects and people, search for them. Sort pictures by object categories,…

Yeah prob an app in its own right, maybe even someone could do face recognition for authentication.

Mega lib is OpenCV and also sort of scary when you see what you can do with something as humble as an old Pi.

Amazon don’t do pan-tilt machine guns, as I checked, prob for the best :slight_smile:

I think there needs to be some sort of entity mechanism in the core to allow apps to be extensible and really let people be creative.

May RESTful and all that so all can stand on the shoulders of giants before them.

Hi, I came here because of Face recognition within PHP.

I used Googles Picasa a long time and I really liked the face recognition for my photo albums. As Nextcloud holds all my pictures and my contacts as well, it is predefined to look for known people in my photos!

Does someone think this is doable?

Yeah its already done both facebook & google images are using OpenCV the libs are free and I had some great fun playing with a tracking cam on a PI 3.

Its a done deal that its doable its just the context you wish to set for the app and if nextcloud users are willing to opt in images and opt out of privacy.

Slightly related, there are some efforts to make face detection/recognition/clustering to work in Nextcloud. Please take a look here: and follow comments. Idea is to have app that can do all of this with minimum or no effort from user part - install app and get all person on your photos clustered together;)

Update: We just released app as “unstable” in Please do try it out and give us feedback at, we would appreciate! Here is small teaser:)

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