Idea: create sample projects using templates in the files application with link Openproject

I hope I have chosen the right place to add topic.
I want to propose an idea.
to turn the server into a simple project manager with the ability to connect projects “Openproject”
by analogy with Autodesk Fusion 360 team
Autodesk Fusion 360 team is a cloud storage and is very similar to a server
I propose to introduce the “Projects” class over folders with files, since the server has long become something more than cloud storage
. Below are examples of implementation in the UI

1 Create project. also, you can create in a special window

2 Project form, optionally add custome field and link

3 See list projects and template

4 Create template

5 Config template

Config template

I will be glad to hear more ideas
Support the idea so that it is implemented!

Project administration (Permissions and share, link deck… etc), does not require anything more than there is in the folders. Thank!