Icons for new files (e.g. document or spreadsheet) under the + are missing

Under the + sign in the files app, I’m missing the icons for new collabora files like documents or spreadsheets:


Apache: 2.4.52
PHP: 8.0
Nextcloud: 23.0.0
Collabora Online : 5.0.1
CODE Built-in: 21.11.6
Browser tested: Firefox 91.5.0esr / Edge 97.0.1072.62 both 64Bit

I also cleared the cache.

Other operations e.g. installing Apps work with no problems.

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I am having the same problem did you ever find a fix for this?

No, unfortunately not. I’m waiting for someone helping me here :sweat_smile:

Latest Update to:
Nextcloud Office : 5.0.2
CODE Built-in: 21.11.103
solved the Problem.