iCloud webcal not updating in Nextcloud

Hello All,

good evening and hoping this post finds you well.

ive been trying to integrate more options to Nextcloud since i have the resources on the server.

ive been able to sync icloud contacts but now im on a search on how to get the icloud calendar to update on Nextcloud.

currently ive made my icloud calendar public as read-only and if i subscribe in Nextcloud, i see the existing events but if i add a new on on the original icloud calendar it will not update on Nextcloud.

do you know what would be the reason?

am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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it looks like i need to keep login off/on to view the updates made on the subscribed calendar from iCloud.

is this a normal behaviour?

anyone experiencing this same behaviour?

I have in mind that ical calendars are not requested by the server itself, but handled by your web browser. That would also explain why updates are only displayed after a new login (or after pressing the F5 button to reload the content).

would this be the same for the reminders on CalDav?

i can see my mac that updates the reminders around a minute (1 minute refresh rate), but my iphone takes a while to upadte the reminder.