Icedove can not read dav infos

I’m using Icedove (45.2.0) with addons SoGo Connector (v31.0.3) and Lighning (4.7) module to obtain agenda, tasks, and contacts informations, with my server NC (today 10.0)

My cardbook run correctly.
But, this is not case with agenda, and tasks.
The agenda run correctly after install on NC 9.0.53 during few days. And, one day, it stop.

I’ve not found error on NC log, or my nginx log server.

Icedove Errors Console image !

I’ve found the Mozilla bug

Not really a solution, I found the thunderbird/lightning calendar stuck in the past. I couldn’t find the issue but deleting the calendar and adding it again helped.

Sorry, but not.

And, it did not ask me my identifiant / password, when i recreate. Grrrr

Ok, my problem is solved with an update about libnss3.
My Icedove run onto Debian Siduction :wink:

It’s need to install libnss3 which remove transitional library libnss3-1d. Tsss.

After relaunch my session, Icedove run correctly with NC, asking me my id/pass; result: i can access to my calendars, cardbook, and others tasks. “Happy man! :p”