iCal (Google) not syncing


I am using Nextcloud 20.0.3 and try to sync a Google calendar to Nextcloud. As it is not full working as i expect, I have some questions.

For syncing I use the private iCal address from Google and add it as a new subscription to Nextcloud calendar. The initial sync works fine, but after that, the calendar seems never to be synced again.

  • What is Nextcloud syncing schedule? Cron works fine with my instance
  • How can I check on problems with syncing?

EDIT: I found an admin setting to change set interval from 1W default to 1H using:
php occ config:app:get dav calendarSubscriptionRefreshRate which is more suitable for a collaboration calendar. Need to wait if it works and will report back.

EDIT 2:: Unfortunately sync still doesn’t work.

I am using DAVx5 for syncing to my Android mobile phone. It works fine, besides that the calendar synced from Google does not appear in the list of calendars. Same for Thunderbird syncing. Is that by design or is something broken?