Ical calender does not show up in Calender anymore

Hello everybody

i used to import ical calendars from other systems into my nextcloud calendar. since today this does not work anymore. All dates are from those ical’s are vanished
i use [Nextcloud Hub 7] (28.0.0 RC1) on a openSUSE 15.5 system.

Any help is apreciated

What do you mean by saying “imported”. Added as a subscription from a link, or actually imported?

If these are calendar subscriptions, it could be an issue with the server serving the calendars, or it could be a bug in the RC release, in which case you should report it on GitHub, because that’s what beta and RC releases are for, finding bugs and reporting them back to the developers…

Not a good idea on a productive instance, imho.

Added as a subscription from a link, or actually imported?

I use a subscription from a link.

The servers providing the links are ok, because the calenders shows up on my smart phone calendar as well as in other calendar tools.

Did you look if the database is stil containing the subscriptions?

SELECT * FROM `oc_calendarsubscriptions`


Yes the subscriptions are listed in the data base

Hi, the problem still exists (28.0.0 RC4). The following works:

  • Downloading the ICAL file and store in a file
  • Adding a new caleander and import that file
  • The dates are show in Nextcloud calender
    This show that the ical file is ok, and display of ical-dates works.
    For me it seems that the direct ical-mport via an URL (calender subscription) does not work.



I just upgraded to the regular 28.0.0 and have exactly the same problem.

I checked the table oc_calendarsubscriptions, everything looks fine.
I deleted one of the calendars and subscribed it again → same, nothing shows up.
I deactivated the calendar app, activated again → same
occ upgrade → already up to date
occ maintenance:repair: everything shows up green
occ app:update --all → nothing to do
occ config:app:get dav calendarSubscriptionRefreshRate → PT1H
I even deleted Browser cache and cookies…
Any hint what the problem could be? Anything else I should check?

For anyone else searching for info on this here is the Issue over on Github dealing with this