I wish I can read NC's documentation on Kindle

I tried using GrabMyBooks to convert those html pages into mobi format but all I can grab is a couple of headers kind of things. Never the real content. Is this “set-up” done by intention, or GrabMyBooks’ engine is too old to handle NC’s web server? I will give up trying if it is done by intention.

Are you able to read pdf files on your Kindle?
If so please check :

There is pdf to mobi as well:

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Thanks a lot for the links. I tried the official pdf before (thru email to me@kindle.com with hope that it can do better conversion), but it just shrink a normal page into a tiny screen with unreadable font size.
Your 2nd link does a beautiful conversion. I use the tab PDFtoKindle, it produces .azw3 format and I upload by a USB cable. Even the TOC is there. ^^

Sorry problem is not fully resolved because user manual is the only pdf file I can find, no admin & developer copy available.

For admins:

For devs (no access):


For NC11:

If you want to get really fancy you can build from source (PDF build instructions are near the bottom of the README): https://github.com/nextcloud/documentation

Edit: Built from the stable13 branch: https://www.expirebox.com/files/cc624b60e79db48e655520ea144dd218.pdf

Side note to @linucksrox : Never seen expirebox. Why not using your Nextcloud :wink:

It would probably be ok here, but I don’t like to post public links to my cloud since I run it through my home internet connection. I’d never heard of expirebox either, but I just found it online for temporarily sharing files. Privacy doesn’t matter in this case since it’s publicly available information, just in a different format.

I am running my cloud from home as well, but I have another one at a Shared Hoster for testing and such issues :slight_smile:

Hm. That’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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