I want to use only sabre/dav among Nextcloud's features

I have to create a WebDAV server with sabre/dav for my work.
It comes with a request to use AmazonS3 as the main storage.

In Nextcloud, I was able to change AmazonS3 to primary storage by editing config.php,
but I could not find a way to make AmazonS3 the primary storage in the original sabre/dav.

If there is a best way to use only sabre/dav with Nextcloud functionality, please let us know.

Preferably a way to use AmazonS3 with sabre/dav would be great.

The sabre/dav community site doesn’t seem to be functional at the moment.
I will ask my question here.

Why would you want do that? Unless of course you want to create your own product based on Sabre/DAV…

So you want Sabre/DAV to provide you with the same functionality as Nextcloud does, but without using Nextcloud? That’s quite a bold plan… :wink:

Well that’s unfortunate, but Nextcloud, while using Sabre/DAV in the backend, has built its own custom product around it, so if you want to build your own thing around Sabre/DAV, the Nextcloud forum is probably not the right place to get support for such a project…

I just wanted to change the primary storage to amazons3 because I don’t know how much sabre/dav storage is used.

I am looking at the Nextcloud source code, but it looks difficult.

Thank you very much. Please let me know if you know of any good way to do this.

Sorry can’t help with that. I would recommend to use Nextcloud, because they already did the heavy lifting… :wink: