I want to pay a developer to setup TURN Server and Collabora Server on my VPS

I have a VPS running linux centos. So far, I have successfully installed nextcloud on the server running apache EA4, and PHP 7. I have already installed a webrtc server and installed the spreed.me application. However it only works inside my network.

Im looking for someone to setup a TURN server to use Spreed.me outside my network. Also looking for someone to setup collabora server as well to use those services. I have another subdomain with a ssl certificate already in place for the collabora service. Im willing to spend whats fair to get the job done right. If you are interested please let me know, thanks!


I’ll be more than glad to help with the docker CODE container.
Eventhoug you should be aware of its limitation to 10 open documents and 20 simultaneous conections.
Please let me know if that would be something you are interested.