I want to implement a filtering function for Files

I am new to NextCloud.
I want to develop an application. This application supplements additional parameters to filter the current file list. For example, filtering by minetype or by size.
I want the returned result to be similar to the file list on the ‘All files’ page. If it’s possible to directly add it to ‘All files’, that’s great, otherwise, it’s possible to create a separate tab similar to the ‘Files_filter’ app.
Please provide me with guidance. Thank you!!!


Hi @pohletme and welcome in the community :wave:

I advise you to follow these tutorials by @Daphne :

  • Setup your development environment : Nextcloud
  • Develop your first Hello World App : Nextcloud

You can find these tutorials here : https://nextcloud.com/developer/

It’s not necessary, but recommended, to know JavaScript and specify Vue.js to be able to use the Nextcloud’s components : https://nextcloud-vue-components.netlify.app/ .

Well, at just the basics concepts.

You can read the Nextcloud’s documentation for developers : Nextcloud developer documentation — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

And please, as you are a new developer nextcloud, can you write here your feelings about Nextcloud’s documentation and tutorials ?

There was an app Sorts (till Nextcloud 24) (video).

But the normal Search has improved in the latest Nextcloud releases. Search is the new Filter. :wink: Perhaps it would be enough if you could display all search results as Files- or Sorts-structure with Share, … Maybe someone would like to create an issue / feature request.