I want to hide the Add notes field at the top of the file list on NC18

A new “Add notes, lists or links …” part has been added to the top of the NC18 file list.
I want to hide this part, but where can I set it?

Nextcloud 18.0.0

Please see in Files in the left corner down there “Settings”


Thank you for information. Is there a way to disable it for all users at once?

I used the Custom CSS app to add the following CSS to my Nextcloud site:

#filelist-header #rich-workspace {

I also filed bug report #586 in GitHub. I’m not happy that this feature was built-in to the Text app; this feature was enabled by default; and there was no documentation for it. Even though this thread showed me how to shut it off, I’ll keep my custom CSS in place to make sure my server’s folders don’t get filled up with empty README.md files.


Thanks, I was able to hide it in CSS.

I expected that it could be specified in config.php, but it’s a shame that it was not made public. I don’t know the convenience of throwing a text file there and generating a readme.md file each time.

Ok, work for me. Thank you!

Since 18.0.1 it’s possible to disable readme.md for all users via occ:
occ config:app:set text workspace_available --value=0


where do you make this change at?

Prerequisite: Shell access, or usage of occweb.
On the command line, cd to your NC base directory. There should be a file “occ” there.
In my case I need to issue it as webserver-user that way:
sudo -u www php occ config:app:set text workspace_available --value=0


Thank you :slight_smile:

@nursoda If I do so, my users can’t use the new Add notes field at all. Is there a way to disable it per default but lets the user decide if they want to use it?

Afaik, that’s not possible.

I think the user based change in file-user settings (bottom) change a value in the database. Perhaps someone can find the change and then you can you a database-change for all users.

Can’t tell, I’m no dev, just a user (and admin). But as @anon93002831 said:

Please see in Files in the left corner down there “Settings”

… so what you want is to change the DEFAULT to “Don’t use rich workspace” and let users choose to enable it, right?

A good idea, I’d like to see that, too! I’m not aware of such a setting yes, so that a “request for enhancement” “bug” you might want to propose (as “issue”).

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in my opinion, the best solution is, that the admin can set the default value in the settings on the web page.

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This does not seem to remove it from the Android app. Any idea how to achieve that as well?

Yes, that’s a web app feature only. As long as there is no way to configure the backend per user, the app would have to implement this. You may propose an enhancement there also.

sudo -u www php occ config:app:set text workspace_available --value=0

How can I undo this setting?

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Have you tried to use the value “1”?!

@SilverViper: I just noticed this entry in the Android Nextcloud app 3.12.0 RC2 release notes:

  • rich workspaces can be disabled on server side

Disabling it as user now enables/disables both, web and in-app view. Works for me on NC 18.0.4 and 19.0 RC2 with Android Nextcloud app 3.12.0 RC2.