I need to rename apps due to users complaints

Something extremely simple but yet I cant find a way to do it.

My users are not intelligent enough to remeber what a “Deck” or a “Collective” is, because thats not how similiar tools are usually named or whatever… and Users apparently cant learn this because its incredibly hard to associate a word or even a icon with a function.

so I need to be able to rename Apps… where and how would I be doing that?

My old workaround was using apporder and then just making a bunch of custom links to internal services , but apporder has been depreacheated and “custom menu” also seems to not allow me to rename apps :frowning: could maybe do it with custom links and custom menu again… but I am tired of it, i just want to be able to rename a app so my users can be happily ever after.


Good luck fixing that. Your company should appoint a Czar of Computer Literacy and take that problem off your hands. :sweat_smile:


trust me, ive tried…

My next move is to hang signs around the office at some point they will HAVE TO get it…

Maybe this helps deblan/side_menu: Nextcloud app / Custom menu - This application customs the top menu of Nextcloud - side_menu - Gitnet
Not sure honestly. I wouldn’t try to fiddle with the files of the apps.

My personal opinion: they need to learn it, don’t bother with renaming. There will always be changes and users need to adjust.

Or link them as external sites https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/external

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