I need to rename apps due to users complaints

Something extremely simple but yet I cant find a way to do it.

My users are not intelligent enough to remeber what a “Deck” or a “Collective” is, because thats not how similiar tools are usually named or whatever… and Users apparently cant learn this because its incredibly hard to associate a word or even a icon with a function.

so I need to be able to rename Apps… where and how would I be doing that?

My old workaround was using apporder and then just making a bunch of custom links to internal services , but apporder has been depreacheated and “custom menu” also seems to not allow me to rename apps :frowning: could maybe do it with custom links and custom menu again… but I am tired of it, i just want to be able to rename a app so my users can be happily ever after.


Good luck fixing that. Your company should appoint a Czar of Computer Literacy and take that problem off your hands. :sweat_smile:


trust me, ive tried…

My next move is to hang signs around the office at some point they will HAVE TO get it…

Maybe this helps deblan/side_menu: Nextcloud app / Custom menu - This application customs the top menu of Nextcloud - side_menu - Gitnet
Not sure honestly. I wouldn’t try to fiddle with the files of the apps.

My personal opinion: they need to learn it, don’t bother with renaming. There will always be changes and users need to adjust.

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Or link them as external sites https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/external

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This should really be a standard option. After 40 years of terror regime here in Germany and 100 million dead in total due to socialism, it is stretching it to confront people with app names like “Kollektive”. Nextcloud aims at businesses. Politics should be kept out as a rule.

I think you’re the one who is “stretching” it, just a tiny little bit. :wink:

And yes I know that “Kollektiv” has a negative connotation, especially for people who lived in the GDR (DDR)

However, that was more than 30 years ago, and apart from that, the term “Collective” (Kollektiv) simply means community or work group (Gemeinschaft oder Arbeitsgrupe, neudeutsch auch Team genannt :wink: ). So, I think, it’s actually a very appropriate name for a collaboration tool.

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Well, people were murdered and their murderers used “Kollektiv” as an essential term of their “Agitprop”: Kollektiv – Wikipedia

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who is disturbed by this. It’s like naming administrators “Gauleiter”.

But then, this extreme case just illustrates the problem. I’m a trademark lawyer and have much sympathy for branding products. However, these apps aren’t marketed. So why not call “Kollektiv” Wiki, “Deck” Kanban? There’s simply no need for a distinctive, non-discriptive name. It’s just obstructive.

I’m glad people put their time and effort in this stuff and respect that they name their work to their personal taste. My criticism is directed towards an improvement.

Well again, a “stretch”. Are you sure that you are a lawyer and not a politician? :wink:

I would say that collective was always a fairly common word, which then fell out of favor due to its use in the political terminology of the DDR.

“Gau”, on the other hand, was an almost forgotten Old High German word, which was hardly used anywhere before the Nazis used it in their terminology, except maybe in some literature set in the Middle Ages.

Anyways… just wanted to argue a bit here. Personally, I don’t really care how the devs name their apps. And no, that does not mean that I would be ok with terms like “Gauleiter”.

You’re right, maybe I got carried away a little here. Thanks for the exchance, have a nice one!

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And yes, I checked - I’m pretty sure I’m a lawyer ;-). https://www.franz.de

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